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Rashed Mian


About Me

Hello. Thanks for visiting my personal site. I've been a journalist for about a decade. I began, as many nascent reporters did in the past, at an alternative weekly in New York, once the sixth largest in the country. I consider myself lucky for the opportunity because working at the paper allowed me to write long, engrossing narratives about people and issues that demanded attention.

Over time, I covered everything from breaking news and politics to immigrants and the criminal justice system. Recently, I joined the ever-growing list of journalists moving into the realm of podcasting. It's in this medium where I've covered issues of social justice and the intersection of race and politics.

Having a platform to tell stories is not something I take lightly. Every story has to be handled with the utmost care and professionalism, and anything short of that is unacceptable. I'm lucky I can say I tell stories for a living.



In the wake of the tragic mass shooting at Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, I visited several AME congregations on Long Island. The article focused on the history of the historic church, its dedication to the community and response to the slayings.

Feature story about Muslim Americans living on Long Island, NYPD spying in their communities and post-9/11 life.

[Podcast and article] A look at district attorney races in 2018. The story highlights the significance of the DA position and the enormous sway they hold over the criminal justice system.

This article examines California's landmark bail reform law and subsequent outrage from grassroots groups that once lobbied for the legislation in the state capital.

[Podcast and article] A critical analysis of large-scale "riots" and their causes.

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